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What is the How To Adapt website about?

When I sustained a spinal cord injury (SCI) in 2001, I had a thousand questions. How do I drive? How do I make my home accessible? Can I still swim? Can I play golf? Can I still work? What laws protect me? Where do I find resources online? Many of the questions started with "How do I adapt to..." This site has some answers to those questions. is a forum for individuals to show how they personally learned to adapt to their challenges. If you wish to try any of these ideas or activities you should discuss them with a doctor or a qualified expert to make certain they are appropriate for you. Just be careful, and above all,
Be safe!

Eeyore is an Amputee

How to Navigate this site

Individuals with normal vision and dexterity can access the fifty or so topics on this site by clicking a menu item. People who are mobility impaired or who have low vision can use a combination of the tab key, enter key and accesskeys to select topics. The topics are grouped into six categories to minimize tabbing. You can pick a category directly by using accesskeys 1 through 6.

I cannot yet claim that these pages are accessible, but I'm working on it. Your comments and suggestions will help me come closer to that goal.

Share your ideas on How To Adapt

If you have better ideas than the ones you see here and would like to share them, send them to me and I may include them. Solutions to problems concerning any type of disability are welcome, even those like Eeyore's.