Dennis Clark This is a bit like the hole where the rabbit and Alice disappeared. Hopefully, you will find things of interest as you drift down the page.

          White Rabbit

This is a 4-space cube or Tesseract. N-space cubes contain all sorts of interesting puzzles and symmetries. A 4-space cube A fifth grade student can draw a 5-space cube once they are shown how. And with a bit of high-school binary math you can create N-cubes of any dimension.
If your browser is set to see animated pictures the colored lines will appear and disappear.
They make pretty pictures, but what do they mean?
 The Author of "Alice" was also a mathematician. He would have enjoyed this Ring Puzzle. The object is to get the blue wire handle off of the green-ring thing. The order of moves to solve the puzzle is a Gray Binary Counting Sequence discovered several hundred years ago.
The Chinese invented the puzzle several thousand years ago.
I've always wanted to fly. I think Hang Gliders are the most fun way to fly. Fourth Mountain Flight hang gliding It's a real thrill when you hit a thermal that puts you on an UP elevator at more than a thousand feet per minute. Yes. They can go Down that fast too.
5-space cube That's a 5-space cube on the left. The green glob on the right is an 8-space cube with lines so small they run together.
8-space cube
Click for a Bigger Pic.
paddling a kayak
I'm paraplegic, (can't walk) but that doesn't stop me from water skiing, snow skiing, kayaking, swimming, bicycle riding or even hang gliding. A snake in a 5-space cube
I enjoy playing the cello in small string ensembles. I've also played in the Oak Ridge Symphony Orchestra (ORSO). a violincello There's a snake in the 5-cube pictured above. He's a magnificent 14 lengths long!

There are community orchestras all over the country that you can play in. You don't always have to be a professional.

ARRL symbol Call me WB4UFG. That's my Amateur Radio call sign. It isn't too hard to pass the test for an Amateur Radio license. You need some high-school math and electronics training. Here's a different 5-space cube. It's called a twisted circle cube. (?) A 5-space circle cube shows ways people adapt to their challenges. Right now it's mostly about my own challenges but I'm hoping other people will add their ideas too.

Logo for HowToAdapt: H2A

Eskimo Escapades logo Eskimo Escapades is a January, water ski fund raising activity for the Dream Connection and the Patricia Neal Innovative Recreation Cooperative.
You can explore many of the things shown above at the links below. I hope you enjoy them.  
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The Old DECUS Digital Equipment Computer User's Society
Navy Pictures 1970 USS Camp DER-251 (takes you to Flickr)
Hang Gliding Photos from Lookout Mountain Flight Park
Creating N-cubes: An Overview Creating N-cubes is easy. I can show you how.
Making Tesseracts Pictures of an N-cube classroom experience.
How to Draw N-space Cubes 71 large 200k web pages.
How to Draw N-space Cubes A 439k PowerPoint file (includes all 71 slides).
Chasing Snakes in N-space Cubes 53 large web pages.
Chasing Snakes in N-space Cubes A 502k PowerPoint file (includes all 53 slides).
Ncubes.exe A 348k Visual Basic program to draw N-cubes.
Ncubes.exe Program Description Web page that shows big (80k) captured ncubes.exe screens.
7-space Snakes 339,691 7-space snakes. *** 16 mb ***
Unique Snake data A list of the unique 3,4,5, and 6-space snakes.
Ncube Lesson Plan appropriate for grades 9 through 12 An adaptive web site for people with special challenges Water Ski in January to raise cold cash

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